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Gullybaba Launches Top 3 (Best Books for Kids)

New Delhi: Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., the IGNOU and NIOS help books’ publishers today launched three books at World Book Fair, Pragati Maidan.

  1. Patang Sang Dore (in Hindi):

Writer: Om Prakash Chauhan

About the BookThe book Patang Sang Dore beautifully explains how love traverses the boundary of class and creed and unifies a boy and girl with varied backgrounds.

"Patang Sang Dore" written by Om Prakash Chouhan. This ia a best books for kids.

About the Author:  Born on 10th January 1952 in Delhi, Om Prakash Chauhan is one of the very good authors of Gullybababa Publishing House. He has written several screenplays, dialogues, small stories, poems, etc. and is widely acclaimed for the play “Maili Haveli”.


  1. Anthology:

About Book: This book Anthology is a creative collection of a number of people having a keen interest in writing, though some of its participants are also very established writers. Jasmin Ayurvi, one of its participants, is just ten-year-old. She has been writing for the last two years. She has won the ‘Avid Reader’ Award. She has written songs, stories and poems and her name have been forwarded to Limca World Book for the youngest author.

This is a best books for kids in world book fair in Pragati Maidan.

Other contributors of this book include Sofiya Shahiwala, Naina Sharma, Ipsita Sharan, Ashita Saxena, Rishi Chakraborty, Longbir Terang, Avisha Saxena, Anudev Singh, Poorti Jain, Manas Grover, Anupma Sharma, Ashish Jha, Arti Mittal,  Arif Sageer, Kleio B’wti, Plakkat Praveen, Anjula Singh Bhaduria, Hira Javed, Durga Kumari Gupta, Pankaj Verma, Diganta Rongpi and Varsha Kumari.


  1. Prayojan Moolak (in Hindi)

Writer: Dr. Sanjeeta (Lecturer in Delhi University)

About the Book: The book contains a questionnaire along with their answers, keeping into consideration the exam pattern of IGNOU. The language is very lucid and content is well researched. The book is written in such a way so that the students of IGNOU and NIOS could understand the way of writing in the examination and know as to what the pattern of the questions is.


Book Launch Ceremony:

A number of dignified and personified persons (MLA, Administrative Officers, Advocates, Professors, Authors, etc.) were present for the ceremony.

While addressing the people gathered over there, Mr. Om Prakash, the author of the Book Patang Sang Dore said, “I congratulate Mr. Dinesh Verma for publishing my book in the astonishingly small amount of time. This is indeed a rare quality that makes him more preferable than other book publishers. If the love of your people remains as it is, you will definitely see more best books for kids in near future with Gullybaba.”

Speaking to a journalist, the CEO and Director of Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. said, “It is quite heartening to see such a large number of people for the ceremony. What a coincidence! Today, we have the book release of the youngest author Jasmin Ayurvi and very senior person, honorable Mr. Om Prakash Sir. I have read both these books and hence I can say with absolute certainty that both these books will be able to speak through the minds of its readers and people will love reading this book. I thank all of you for being here.”

A Marvellous Coincidence??

Very rarely, it is seen that the book of both the youngest and eldest writers get published. But, those who were present in the best books for kids launching ceremony of Gullybaba could see and feel it. One of the writers of our anthology book is Jasmin Ayurvi (born on 2009) and Mr. Om Prakash Jee(1952), the writer of Patang Sang Dore’ is a very senior person.

Jasmin Ayurvi is an author at 10. Yes, TEN. ONLY TEN. And at this tender age, she has already achieved a few milestones, even a lifetime writer may aspire to achieve. She creates drawings, invents the car and puts it in the cover page and weaves an entire story on her own. Her creativity has gone to the extent of picking the word “Jasmin” for herself. She wants to be known as Jasmin. The word pertains to a person who chooses to live in her own terms.

Gullybaba recommends reading books for both kids as well as parents.

At Gullybaba Kids, I am going to share your Top3 Best Books for kids.


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