Gullybaba Ludo, Snake and Ladders

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Key Specification:
Product name – Gullybaba Ludo, Sanke & Ladder
Type – Educational Cards
Brand name – Gullybaba Kids
Age – 5-13 years
Used material – Board
No. of game – Two
Size – 12 x 12 Inch
Language – English


Snake and Ladder

The game Snake and Ladder is used to develop good habits in children and makes them away from the bad ones. Some squares are filled with ladders whereas some have snakes. Each ladder represents a good habit while snake represents a bad one.

Whenever the player (a child) is pushed to a square that has a ladder (shows good quality), he climbs and becomes superior to his friends (players). But, if he is pushed to a snake(shows bad quality), his friends become superior to him.

When children play this game, quality of a good habit and harmful effect of a bad one gets imprinted in his subconscious mind. In this way, he learns good habit and keeps a distance with the bad ones almost effortlessly.


The game takes a turn in a clockwise order. A throw of the dice starts with 6(the maximum number etched in the die). In each throw, the player has to decide as to which die is needed to move. If a dice is placed in no-safe zone and another player (or the player of the opposite group) throws the die and claims the same square, the dice placed there will be removed from the place and placed in the square. All the advancements made by the die towards home will be lost and 6 will be needed, even to initiate the die to walk through the squares.

This game will activate the right brain of the players. The right brain of a child (and a person) performs the tasks that have to do with logic, such as science and mathematics. By planning to decide as to which dice they should move, which dice they should kept idle(if it slips into a safe zone) and on which dice they should add all the numbers that they get to bring it home, they will be able to develop their right brain. As and when their right brain gets activated, they get analytical abilities and all these help them become a better student of science and mathematics.


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